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We are on a mission to drive access and inclusion to the world’s payment and supply chain networks. We are big fans of taking a community-driven, collaborative, open source approach to accomplishing our goal. Our open source products give you peace of mind knowing that you have control over the code and security, and access to resources that come with being a member of the community. A world that includes everyone should be designed and built by everyone.

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DataSonnet >

An open, portable, and business-friendly data transformation tool built upon proven enterprise mapping languages.

Mojaloop >

The first open platform for interoperability among real-time payment networks, changing lives with a stable and accessible solution.

Connection Manager >

Supporting the creation of secure channels for financial services, including payment hubs and their service operators.

Mojaloop SDK >

An open tool to reduce complexity, avoid incompatibilities between providers, and ensure specification compliance.

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Datasonnet with PortX logo



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Application integration and accurately transforming data are critically important to maintaining relevance in today’s business. Many integration platforms provide tools for mapping but they can lock you into a particular vendor. DataSonnet was built to be portable. It works with ESBs, Java-based platforms, and as a standalone executable or microservice. And DataSonnet’s open source license eliminates vendor lock-in.

Tailored for Integration: DataSonnet extends JSonnet, a data-templating language designed for generating configuration files, used by businesses like Google and DataBricks. DataSonnet adds a suite of powerful data integration functions for transforming data for EDI, APIs, microservices, and more.

Easy to Learn: DataSonnet has a simple javascript-like syntax. Strong typing prevents subtle errors, and the helpful error messages allow even occasional programmers to learn and build powerful transformations.

Connection Manager


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A real-time payment network like MojaLoop requires secure connections between the hub and each participating Digital Financial Service Provider (DFSP). Manually configuring the IP whitelisting and certificate exchanges to secure these connections can be complex, time-consuming, and error-prone.

The Connection Manager from ModusBox adds clarity and accelerates the configuration process, eliminating multiple communications between parties that introduce complexity thereby reducing mistakes and simplifying operational processes for both DFSPs and Hub Operators. With Connection Manager, you can:

  • Coordinate setup of secure endpoints
  • Easily exchange cryptographic keys
  • Automate creation, sharing, & signing of certificates
  • Standardize certificate creation
  • Simplify signature management
  • Audit change activity

Mojaloop SDK


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Multiple, complex deliveries of Mojaloop have provided us with insight into the practical challenges of a Mojaloop implementation and the subsequent DFSP onboarding. To simplify the process, ModusBox has developed an SDK which accelerates implementation.

  • Reduces complexity in elements around non-repudiation and integrity of the platform
  • Clarifies API specifications to avoid DFSP incompatibilities
  • Offers specification compliant security
  • Offers specification compliant HTTP headers and header processing

The SDK is also offered as a pre-built Docker image, and the specification for the simplified API is available in the ModusBox GitHub repository.



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The world’s first 100% open source platform for interoperability among real-time payment networks. ModusBox has led multiple Mojaloop implementations in developing markets. We’re driving low-cost digital payment services for banks, companies, governments, and people everywhere. Core benefits are:

  • Security: Access to banking increases an individual’s capacity to weather financial shocks and capture income- generating opportunities
  • Efficiency: Real-time payments reduces the time and money that people must spend to conduct financial transactions
  • Inclusivity: Generating economy-wide inclusivity by digitally connecting poor and unbanked populations to financial service, government services, businesses, and each other.

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