Unlock Banking Core Data for You.
Enable Real-Time Payments for Your Customers.

Unleash rapid innovation for your financial institution with fast, flexible connectivity to core banking data. And give your customers the access they want to freely participate in any payment network.

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Reclaim your banking core data

Eliminate dependencies on your banking core vendor and leverage the core for what it does best. Implement an API agility layer for rapid integration and the freedom to easily add or remove systems.

Core Integration

Accelerate your FinTech partnerships

Modernize online banking, credit checks, mortgage and loan applications, and other systems by connecting to the next generation of FinTechs. Transform your team into industry experts with simplified access to systems and real-time customer data.

PortX Platform

Transform your real-time payment strategy

Optimize your payment strategy with a single tool to minimize the time, cost, complexity, and risk of connecting to and orchestrating payment networks like Zelle, Fedwire, RTP, ACH, Crypto, and others.

Payment Manager

Reimagine your digital financial institution

System access and the right tool allow you to take control of your strategy for connecting core applications, real-time payment channels, and new FinTech vendors. Innovate and deploy rapidly. Participate in the future. Include everyone.

Real-time Payments

Built on the PortX Integration Platform

Supply Chain Management

Check out our B2B and ERP management tools that work with the PortX Integration Platform. This suite of coding-optional, browser-based solutions removes the dependency on scarce resources in your organization.

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We’re excited about:

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Announcing Integration
Hub release

Our new Integration Hub includes both new features and improvements to existing ones: batching & debatching, multi-routing, improved monitoring, smoother navigation, enhancements to the transaction designer, and improved form validation.

Integration hub diagram

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Datasonnet logo
DataSonnet: bringing
data transformation to open source

Integrations are pivotal in today’s applications, and transforming data between apps is a requirement. Many integration platforms provide tools for mapping, but they can lock you into a particular vendor. DataSonnet was built to be open, portable, and business-friendly.

Datasonnet diagram

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Mojaloop Enterprise Lab Now open

ModusBox also offers more advanced, proprietary labs for enterprise implementations to meet the higher demands and customized setup of banks, NGOs, DFSPs, and hub operators. An enterprise lab mirrors your custom implementation so that partners can test their configurations to ensure interoperability with your specific system. Contact us about developing a specialized simulator setup.

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November 23-24, 2021

Pathway to 17 Summit 2021

The Pathway to 17 Summit focuses on developing capacity to support the achievement of the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. Steve Haley, Director of Economic Development at ModusBox, will join William Cook, Senior Financial Sector Specialist at CGAP, for a panel discussion on deploying Instant and Inclusive Payment (IIP) systems.

When: November 23, 2021 @ 11:30 am – 12:00 pm UTC+0

For more information about the event and to register, visit https://pathwayto17.com/

October 26-27, 2021

3rd Annual Asia-Pacific Microfinance Forum

This conference will be a platform for experts and industry professionals operating within microfinance to convene, network, and share knowledge and experiences. The common themes and topics of discussion will include the difficulties of digitalization and key trends for microfinance industry players, challenging traditional working systems and innovating, and becoming more agile to changing external factors.

Learn more and register for the virtual event here.

October 26-28, 2021

PI-16 OSS Online Mojaloop Community Meeting — Technical Sessions

Join us at the Mojaloop community meeting October 26-28. This quarter’s three-day event will focus entirely on technical sessions. To learn more, view the full agenda, and register for the event, visit Mojaloop’s event page here.

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