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“ModusBox can address what’s coming and understand what they have done for you and be a partner in the process.” – Tony del Fierro, CIO

We’re a trusted partner across multiple industries

Payment Processors, Banks & Credit Unions

Disruptive technologies have created an upheaval in the financial services space. We’ve assembled a team of top financial technology experts to help you triumph in the face of the industry’s quantum shift.

Logistics & Supply Chain

The battle for speed and accuracy in supply chain systems is ongoing. Manual processes and siloed systems compromise the goal. But you have the power to seize victory over your end to end supply chain API solutions and accelerate your connections to your trade partners with the control ModusBox’s solutions and product provides.


Silos are the hallmark of government IT. But new mandates to move to digital solutions have agencies struggling to get systems talking to one another. Plus, initiatives like healthcare claims processing require knitting together off-site, cloud, and legacy systems to provide the greatest service to the most constituents. Meet the growing demand with ModusBox at your side.

Philanthropy & Nonprofit

Philanthropic organizations and nonprofits need to be focused on the business of helping people. Innovations like blockchain, the cloud, and IoT and mobile technologies make it easier to reach the broadest population of those in need. Let ModusBox’s experience with philanthropic initiatives help you reach those that need you the most.


It can be a Herculean task to get all your manufacturing systems working like a tight-knit team. Integrations must be sleek, seamless, reusable, and easy to maintain. Relentlessly move toward system efficiencies, cost savings, and better quality with ModusBox as part of your band of heroes.


Protecting people’s health is noble, selfless, and daunting. It’s also hampered by traditional messaging protocols, like HL7, and complicated integrations that must meet strict industry regulations. Call in ModusBox’s superheroes to transport your healthcare technology architecture and systems.

ModusBox partners with WOCCU on Mojaloop Implementation
ModusBox Partners with the World Council of Credit Unions on Mojaloop Project

The work we contribute to the Mojaloop platform is extremely rewarding. We are humbled to work alongside forward-thinking and innovative organizations to bring financial services to everyone. This time, it’s a partnership with the World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU).

ModusBox promotes from within for 3 new VP positions
ModusBox Promotes 3 Team Members to Vice President

ModusBox is pleased to announce the promotion of three team members to the role of Vice President.

ModusBox Joins Open Invention Network
ModusBox Joins the Open Invention Network

ModusBox today announced that it has signed on to the Open Invention Network (OIN). Why? We believe in what the OIN is doing, and we wanted to continue to show our commitment to open source and open standards.

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