X12 Translator for PortX:

Easy, scalable B2B communications

  • Compatible with ESBs, including Mule ESB, Apache Camel, and WS02
  • Streamlined and user-friendly interface for EDI analysts and developers
  • Works with today’s advanced integration patterns (Service management, API-first architecture, etc)
  • High performance, processing large numbers of EDI files in milliseconds
  • Scalable solution, able to process very large EDI files
  • Included with a PortX Platform subscription

X12 file management for EDI

Trading partner communications rely heavily on EDI communication. Standards like HL7, X12, and EDIFACT are important communication protocols in healthcare, insurance, transportation, finance, government, supply chain, and many other industries. In the USA the most pervasive EDI standard is X12 which covers all of these industries.

Despite its importance in so many organizations, onboarding trading partners using X12, configuring messages, and managing communications is a complex and largely manual process. For many companies, it requires weeks of back and forth and assistance from overburdened IT resources to add new partners or changes existing messages.

Businesses looking to simplify the process usually run into a different roadblock – the cost associated with an X12 translator. With price tags in the five to six figures, X12 translators are out of reach for many small to medium enterprises – those who have the greatest need to streamline their B2B communications.

Now included with PortX

The PortX platform modernizes EDI for today’s businesses. Now it makes it easier than ever to manage X12 messages. PortX extends its simple, user-friendly interface to the translator, allowing both developers and analysts to configure.

B2B connectivity

Because the X12 Translator is part of the PortX platform, it’s already built to work with ESBs like Mulesoft, allowing you to embrace EDI as part of your digital transformation initiatives. And the PortX X12 Translator is built to be robust and performant, able to handle significant file loads in milliseconds and parse large files. Most importantly, the X12 Translator is included as part of a PortX Partner Management subscription, eliminating the need to purchase a separate license to handle your most important B2B communications.

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