Flexibility for
Modern Integration

With the advent of microservices architecture, you no longer have to choose between lightweight and powerful. That’s right, have your cake too!

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Complete modern integration stack

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Micro-ESB (microservices)

Build small and innovate fast. ESBs can become expensive, bloated, and monolithic over time. Avoid vendor lock-in by taking advantage of this modern approach to enterprise integration.

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IAM (Identity and access management)

If API Manager is the gateway, IAM is the security guard. Setup, authenticate, and control permissions from one easy-to-use portal.

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API manager

APIs should be easy to connect with but hard to break. API Manager gives you the visibility and control you need to monitor traffic, manage security, and ensure health across endpoints.

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Track long-running transactions and coordinate asynchronous responses into a business process. Workflows continue to listen while preserving valuable memory by putting the system to sleep during the process.

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Data transformation

Brought to you by DataSonnet. A portable, powerful, easy-to-learn, open source data mapping language and tool for data transformation in any integration scenario.

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Rules engine

Coding is not always the easiest way to capture and enforce complex rules or business logic. With this rules engine framework, business users can write rules – helping you scale your developer resources.

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API connectivity is more common than ever. But what if that isn’t an option? Our connectors, such as JD Edwards and AS2, come with out-of-the-box connectivity to external resources and systems.

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Translators & Parsers

Translate various industry standards and data structures into more commonly used formats that facilitate transformation. Our parsers include X12, EDIFACT, Swift, ACH, Fedwire, and others.

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Whether moving to the cloud or on-prem, managing for scale and high reliability is difficult and expensive. Ah, sweet relief! We use Docker and Kubernetes to host and manage microservices for you reliably.

The PortX open source integration stack

A complete integration solution

PortX is an end-to-end Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS). In each area above, our engineers have curated solutions from best-of-breed, open source technologies.

Integration software as a service diagram

ESB inclusive diagram

ESB-inclusive technology

Architectural decisions from the past shouldn’t define your organization’s future. PortX also works with today’s other leading ESBs such as Apache Camel, Mule ESB, WS02, and more.


Our partner ESBs


Developers are scarce. PortX provides browser-based, visual solutions that unlock these capabilities for business users too. No-code if you don’t need it, code when you want it.

Coding-optional design

Coding optional interface

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