JD Edwards Connector

Modernize your ERP with the JD Edwards integration platform

Take control of your JD Edwards integrations with the PortX JD Edwards Integration Platform. Connect your ERP to billing systems, CRM, warehouse automation, HR, marketing automation, and social applications, whether in the cloud or on premise.

  • Integrate your ERP to EDI/trading partners, Salesforce.com, marketing and social applications, POS, warehouse automation, databases, HR and Financial systems
  • Send data to JD Edwards for storage and maintenance

Key benefits:

  • Easy to learn, easy to use: drag, drop and deploy
  • Supports the full range of JDE operations
  • Highly secure solution

Simplify JD Edwards integrations

Companies using JD Edwards have a powerful ERP at their fingertips that helps them efficiently run their business. But when it comes time to design and implement real-time JD Edwards integrations to other business systems, the job of IT gets a lot harder.

Modern systems complicate the challenge of integrating your ERP. Some line-of-business groups may have chosen their own applications without central IT’s knowledge. Cloud-based applications and implementations are not plug-and-play when it comes to integrating JD Edwards. And all your projects are moving at the speed of business.

For those with current integrations to their ERP system, the maintenance involved with the knotwork of point-to-point connections requires dedicated staff and specialized knowledge. JD Edwards’s standard of batch processing only serves to frustrate your business peers. Other integration solutions for JD Edwards, like Magic XPI, only seem to increase the problem.

What you need is a simple to learn, easy to use toolkit that seamlessly provides real-time integrations to JD Edwards from any application – on-prem or in the cloud.

What you need is the JD Edwards Integration Platform from PortX.

Standardized integrations for JDE connections

The PortX JD Edwards integration platform provides you with drag-and-drop development of connections to a wealth of applications across your ecosystems. Our solution is a suite of tools that allow you to easily integrate your JD Edwards ERP with hundreds of existing APIs, SaaS, enterprise and legacy systems.

Our integration solution for JD Edwards is easy to use and easy to learn. It will become a new, versatile tool in your integrations tool chest, giving you the power to connect not only JD Edwards to your on-premise and cloud applications but to create applications between other business systems as well, giving you a true API-led architecture to build on.

But our solution goes beyond helping you build connections. We understand that when errors occur and your production processes are shut down, rapid identification and remediation are critical. Our JD Edwards Integration Solution includes detailed error logging to make debugging simple and real-time monitoring tool to help you keep on top of system processes.

And because the PortX JD Edwards integration platform is easy to use, line-of-business teams and analysts can create their own connections, removing the IT bottleneck and relieving pressure on an already overloaded central IT department.

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