December 9, 2021

Mojaloop Business Hub Operations Documentation Now Available

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We are excited to share that the first version of the Mojaloop business hub operations documentation is available for public consumption and comment. It has proven to be a helpful guide to understanding the operational business processes required of entities running a Mojaloop-based payment hub. This release compliments Mojaloop’s original Scheme Guide and is freely available from Mojaloop’s business documentation.

Why is documentation important?

By documenting the business processes in detail, making them easy to understand, and sharing them within the community, we enable participants to iterate and improve upon these processes. Efficient and effective Mojaloop hub business processes aid in removing cost from the system and aligns with the Level One Principles

Additionally, this documentation advances the Mojaloop community by enabling:

  1. New payment hub operators to enhance the processes from where others have left off.
  2. New staff members to successfully onboard with reduced time and effort.
  3. Agile hub processes via community-contributed modifications and committed changes, evolved procedures applied to new ideas, and fresh approaches to development work.

The business hub operations guide is broken into the following categories:

The Technical Operations Guide outlines the operations processes that enable the Hub Operator to handle all aspects of managing a live service, such as incident management, problem management, change management, release management, and defect triage.

The Settlement Management Guide describes how settlements are managed by the Mojaloop Hub and the partner settlement bank(s), and introduces the main building blocks of settlement processing.

The Guide to Finance Portal v2 is aimed at the Operator of a Mojaloop Hub and provides information about the Finance Portal, which facilitates the management of settlement-related processes daily.

The Roled-Based Access Control document discusses the security mechanism employed to control access to various aspects of an operational instance of a Mojaloop Hub.

The Onboarding Guide for the Hub Operator is aimed at the Operator of a Mojaloop Hub and provides information about the DFSP (Digital Financial Service Provider) onboarding process. It provides a high-level overview of the onboarding journey that DFSPs take, acting as a checklist of onboarding activities.

Help us improve these processes

Our hope is for these documented processes to create a more efficient onboarding experience for Mojaloop hub operators the financial institutions connecting to a Mojaloop-based network. However, we invite the open source community to further advance efficient onboarding by contributing to and improving upon this new set of instructions. 

If you are interested in learning more about establishing or connecting to a Mojaloop payment scheme or would like additional information on any of the points mentioned here, please contact a member of our team today.

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