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Welcome to our community. This program is designed to accelerate your understanding of Mojaloop and begin contributing to this open source platform. Our goal is to expedite Mojaloop’s adoption and use to drive financial inclusion. Join the program by starting a conversation with our team today.

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Why the Mojaloop Training Program?

Mojaloop was built as an open source software platform so that implementers can use the core code freely, join the community, and build inclusive, real-time payment systems. However, these transformations can be difficult to get started with and implementing securely can be challenging. The purpose of the partner program is to accelerate learning for operators and participants to securely scale the adoption and use of Mojaloop.

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Who is it for?

There is a course for everyone, even if you’re just trying to understand Mojaloop. However, we have designed our program with two main groups in mind:

  • For hub operators (organizations that run payment systems) and the technology providers that support them, we have courses aimed to help you accelerate your team’s ability to securely deploy, configure and operate the Mojaloop platform for the market.
  • For financial institutions (e.g. banks, credit unions, mobile money operators, and microfinance organizations), their technology partners, and system integrators, the courses will cover best practices for onboarding, integrating, and connecting securely to Mojaloop.

The courses

Hover over a course to learn more about it.

*Please note: The courses are currently only offered online. In-person training will become available in the future.

Get started now

These introductory modules were designed to provide you with the foundational understanding needed to get started on your journey. View all courses >

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What are Real-time Payments?

Here, you’ll learn more about instant, 24/7 electronic fund transfers that can be initiated through a variety of channels and include all types of digital financial service providers. Countries around the world are rapidly moving to this type of payment infrastructure.

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Level One Project Overview

The initiative that started it all. Also known as L1P, this project represents over a decade-worth of research by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that define the foundational set of financial inclusion principles upon which Mojaloop is built.

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What is Mojaloop?

In this module, you will learn the technology basics behind the world’s first open source platform for financial inclusion and real-time payment interoperability.

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