Mojaloop Lab

With ModusBox’s open lab for Mojaloop, anyone from developers to a digital financial service provider (DFSP) can use a Mojaloop workbench instance to learn, experiment, and test scenarios and code for the platform. Different components can be spun up to meet the needs of the users. This offers the ability to prove new functionality before additional complexity is introduced and create a customizable sandbox for validation.

Mojaloop lab illustration

To create a local lab instance along with the Mojaloop SDK, visit:

ModusBox’s lab setup supports a number of scenarios:

Developer workbench: A local lab instance that can be used to test functionality and learn the platform.

Starter workbench: For DFSPs, this workbench provides the opportunity to test the API integration to the payment switch against your own in-place systems.

Advanced workbench: A complete payment switch workbench for DFSPs, integrators, and others looking to run an entire system.

Production-grade workbenches: A fully-fledged production instance for users looking to stand up a payment switch with participating DFSPs.

Custom workbenches: Thanks to the component-based implementation of the ModusBox lab, any instance can be customized to meet specialized needs.

ModusBox Enterprise Labs For Mojaloop

ModusBox also offers more advanced, proprietary labs for enterprise implementations where a shared environment fails to meet the higher demands and customized setup of banks, NGOs, DFSPs, and hub operators. An enterprise lab mirrors your custom implementation so that partners can test their configurations to ensure interoperability with your specific system.

Contact us to find out how we can work with you to develop a specialized simulator setup.

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