March 29, 2022

New Courses Launched in the Mojaloop Training Program

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As one of the founding members of the Mojaloop Foundation, ModusBox contributes much of the material available in the Mojaloop Training Program. The program officially launched a year ago with seven courses targeting a spectrum of Mojaloop specialties: Moja (general Mojaloop-related educational content), DFSP (digital financial service providers), Hub (Mojaloop Hub Operators), and Scheme (Scheme owners). As part of our ongoing commitment to advancing the adoption of Mojaloop-based real-time payment systems and financial inclusion, we have added three additional courses:

  • DFSP 209 and Hub 209 focus on offering operational support and insight for the Mojaloop Hub Operator and connected DFSPs. These courses were completed with the help of contributions from the Mojaloop community. 
  • TTK 101 was developed by the ModusBox team that developed the TTK (Testing Tool Kit) and provides practical guidance for deployment, setup, and potential use cases. This course was specifically designed for those involved in Quality Assurance (QA) at DFSPs participating in a Mojaloop Hub.

Get involved!

If you would like to learn more about Mojaloop and join the community, we encourage you to get started with these free courses today. Your feedback helps us develop effective course material. For additional information about the program and an overview of all courses available, visit our Mojaloop Training Program page or contact a member of our team today.

Recorded Mojaloop Training Program Webinar…

Check out this 60-minute Mojaloop Training Program Webinar.


  • Paul Baker, ModusBox
  • Vijaya Kumar Guthi, ModusBox
  • Sam Kummary, ModusBox
  • John Muthiora, AfricaNenda
  • Moderated by: Simeon Oriko, Mojaloop Foundation

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