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Research &

Research & Development provides the support and inventive minds around PortX, Software Engineering, Product Management, Docs.

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This team drives the first and most important charge in our goal for financial innovation and change. The story you’ll help spread creates success that sells itself!

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The Marketing team promotes the ModusBox image and drives the sales of our products. They are a key compenent of identifying and capturing our audience.

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General &

G&A is the backbone of the company and consists of several departments. These departments include Human Resources, Finance, Accounting, Payroll, Legal, and IT.

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Payment Solutions

Payment Solutions consists of experts in Fintech who can provide unrivaled expertise and support for companies looking to drive the next generation of financial services.

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Customer Engagement

The Customer Engagement team strives to put people at the center of every decision we make, whether team members, customers, or partners.

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