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The world’s first 100% open source platform for interoperability among real-time payment networks. We’re driving low-cost digital payment services for banks, companies, governments, and people everywhere. Check out our contributions on

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The Unprofitable Unbanked

Unbanked populations typically rely on low-value, high volume transactions, making them less attractive customers for most banks

Barriers to Financial Inclusion

Real-Time Settlement

Digital payments must settle in real time


Financial institutions lack interconnection


Limits payments and increases costs

Legacy Networks

Old solutions inhibit the adoption of new technologies

The solution: Mojaloop,
an Open Source Real
Time Payment Platform

What are real time payments?
Read More about Real Time Payment Networks

Lock in

Mojaloop creates opportunity without lock-in

As a secure open source platform, Mojaloop offers a readily available platform that promotes interoperability for everyone, from Hub Operators and Digital Service Providers (DFSPs). A purpose built referenece architecture, Mojaloop offers a cost effective solution for cross network, real time payment settlment.

Developed in Partnership
with The Gates Foundation
& Level One Project

ModusBox has lead multiple Mojaloop implementations in developing markets

The level one project

Key Principles

Open Loop System

Available to any licensed DFSP in the country including banks and licensed non-banks.

“Real-time, “push” only Payments”

Removes risks & costs associated with batch processed “pull” payment systems.

Irrevocable payments with same-day settlement

Enables low value, high volume transactions in real-time.

Governed by DFSPs, regulated by the Central Bank

Engenders fairness for financial system participants with a well-tested model

Mojaloop Features

Mojaloop payment systemMojaloop payment system

1. The Account Lookup Service (ALS) routes payments to the correnct service/provider in the ecosystem.

2. The Central Ledger is composed of services to facilitate clearing and settlement of transfers between DFSPs.

3. The Central Settlements service manages settlements between FSPs and the Central Hub.

4. The Mojaloop Hub is the primary container and reference used to describe Mojaloop’s core components..

Experts on Mojaloop

Our Payment Solutions team has a unique makeup. With deep roots in finserv, mobile money, and development and delivery of flexible micro-services, we partnered with other industry leaders in the creation of Mojaloop to support efforts to extend financial inclusion to the world’s poor.

We Offer

Supporting Open Source

The Mojaloop code is open source. We also offer an open source Software Development Kit (SDK) and an open source Connection Manager to assist organizations in deploying Mojaloop.

Discover our Mojaloop SDK

Discover Our Connection Manager”

Mojaloop Implementation

-Expert services to set up your instance

-Cloud hosted & managed deployment options

-Guidance to leverage Mojaloop for credit unions and community banks

-Global consulting for FIs, government regulators, system integrators, and more
-Training and educational workshops

Mojaloop Management

—Early patch and fix access

—Subscription only training and courses

—Specialized production support contracts

—Proxy participation in the open source community

—Community support at

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