Integration Manager

Coding-optional integration tools enable your teams to connect applications across your ecosystem while allowing developers to focus on complex projects.

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Integration for the rest of us

Developers are a scarce, expensive resource. Accelerate your digital transformation initatives by focusing their expertise on the challenging, critical initiatives of your organization. Integration Manager enables data integration between applications – on premise and in the cloud – through a self-service interface that non-developers can use to configure connections.

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Product Manager

Drive transformation by giving non-developers the power to create their own integrations.

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Business Operations

Benefit from accessible tools that put integration monitoring and management in the hands of business users.

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Enterprise Architects

Simplify governance with a self-documenting view of all integrations across the organization.

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Accelerate innovation by freeing up scarce resources to focus on building APIs and applications.

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Technical Operations

Empower the team with a user-friendly interface and metric dashboarding needed to ensure a healthy system.

Coding-optional solution

Stop, you don’t need a developer. With nothing hidden in code, Integration Manager puts the power and control of integrating applications in the hands of the people who need the data.
No code solution

Dynamic api router

Dynamic API router

Point-to-point connections having you pulling your hair out? Integration Manager helps you configure integrations within your back-end systems. Now, any API can be routed anywhere you need it to go.

Improved monitoring

Complete end-to-end tracking allows you to monitor every step of your process. Alerting ensures you’re always aware of the status of data transactions with simplified errors that help you diagnose problems quickly.
Improved monitoring
Browser based application

Browser-based application

Design end-to-end integration on a single screen. Organize endpoints, routes, and maps—all without code. Manage your integrations while on-the-go from any computer, anywhere, anytime.

ESB-inclusive technology

Integration Manager runs on PortX, the Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) that was built for the rest of us. However, we believe that architectural decisions from the past shouldn’t define your organization’s future. PortX also works with today’s other leading ESBs such as Apache Camel, Mule ESB, WS02, and more.


Our partner ESBs

ESB Inclusive Bus

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Transaction Designer

  • Quick views into transactions and complete routing rules.
  • Visually design transaction flows without ever leaving the page.
  • Transform data with DataSonnet.
  • Develop reusable templates for efficient target and source configuration.

Data Tracker

  • Understand transaction status and details with seamless, user-friendly navigation.
  • One click drill down into details of individual transactions.
  • Troubleshoot and replay messages.
  • Find transactions with metadata using the powerful search and filter tools.

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Reuse your Artifacts

You can develop reusable templates for efficient configuration with event driven architecture and content base routing.

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Easy Search & Filter

Quickly find and resolve transaction processing issues with metadata search capabilities.

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Resolve and replay failed transactions simply and quickly.

Integration Manager runs on the PortX platform.

Integration Manager can be coordinated with Payment Manager and Partner Manager as needed.

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