October 26-27, 2021

3rd Annual Asia-Pacific Microfinance Forum

This conference will be a platform for experts and industry professionals operating within microfinance to convene, network, and share knowledge and experiences. The common themes and topics of discussion will include the difficulties of digitalization and key trends for microfinance industry players, challenging traditional working systems and innovating, and becoming more agile to changing external factors.

Learn more and register for the virtual event here.

October 26-28, 2021

PI-16 OSS Online Mojaloop Community Meeting — Technical Sessions

Join us at the Mojaloop community meeting October 26-28. This quarter’s three-day event will focus entirely on technical sessions. To learn more, view the full agenda, and register for the event, visit Mojaloop’s event page here.

October 24-27, 2021

Money 20/20 USA

Money 20/20 is Fintech’s premier conference of the year. ModusBox CEO, David Wexler, and Dion Lisle, Managing Partner, Forty Grand, will discuss how a banker with a non-technical background can evaluate, differentiate, and select a new BaaS provider even offering tips on how to move from a Legacy core to a new BaaS core for your bank. You will learn how to differentiate a cloud core from a core wrapper.

When: October 24, 2021 @ 10 am PDT

Join David in Las Vegas& save $250 on your pass with code FUTURE. Learn more and register here!

October 14, 2021

Webinar: How Proper Implementation of a Simple Use Case Will Increase the ROI of Your Banking Core Investment

This webinar will focus on how proper automation and implementation of the change of address use case can provide an excellent member experience. Attendees will learn how to take advantage of this use case to unlock your core data and other systems, expanding your digital transformation footprint. Presenters: Charles Colt, VP Customer Engagement, and Anand Sangtani, VP Customer Solutions.

When: October 14, 2021 @ 10am PDT (1pm EDT)

This webinar will be hosted by our partner, Ongoing Operations. Register for the webinar here.

September 28-30, 2021

Mojaloop Business Conference – Online Event!

Join us at the first Mojaloop Business Conference being held September 28-30, 2021. Learn how open source payment hubs are creating a more resilient, sustainable, and profitable path forward for businesses. Experts will share how modular and extensible open source software and best practice scheme-thinking can support your business strategy and lead to digital payments growth and expand access to the unbanked and underserved.

Register today: https://mojaloop.io/mojaloop-business-conference/

July 27-29, 2021

Mojaloop Phase Four (PI-15) Convening – Online Event!

Join our team at the Mojaloop community meeting July 27-29. This quarter’s three-day event will focus solely on technical sessions. To learn more, view the full agenda, and register for the event, visit https://mojaloop.io/pi-15-oss-online-community-meeting-technical-sessions/.

June 30th, 2021

Webinar: How Sound Credit Union Built a Foundation for Rapid FinTech Innovation

Join David Wexler, ModusBox CEO, for a conversation with Martin Walker, VP Digital Experience & Innovation at Sound Credit Union.

Learn how Sound CU overcame cultural and technical challenges on its digital transformation journey to uncover operating and cost benefits, accelerated innovation, and developed new strategies for the organization’s future.

When: June 30th, 2021 @ 11am PDT (2pm EDT)

This webinar will be hosted by our partner, Ongoing Operations. Register for the webinar here.

June 30, 2021

Webinar: What PISP Means for Inclusive Real-time Payments Systems

PISP (Payment Initiation Service Provider) effectively balances customer experience, transaction pricing, security, and creates innovations that can truly tackle financial inclusion. These industry experts will share how the Mojaloop Foundation and Google are collaborating to deliver PISP. 


  • Adama Diallo, Head of Partnerships, Next Billion Users Africa, Google
  • John “JJ” Geewax, Software Engineer, Google
  • Lewis Daly, Consultant, Crosslake Technologies
  • Steve Haley, Director of Economic Development, ModusBox
  • Lesley-Ann Vaughan, Director of Product Strategy, Mojaloop Foundation

Learn more and register here: https://mojaloop.io/webinar-what-pisp-means-for-inclusive-real-time-payments-systems/

May 5, 2021

Webinar: Enable Innovation with Agile API-Led Integration Architecture

Join us for a conversation about enabling open banking through API-led architecture. Speakers will include Lisa Huertas, Chief Strategy Officer (FTSI), Charles Colt, VP Customer Engagement (ModusBox), and Anand Sangtani, VP Customer Solutions (ModusBox).

To learn more and register for the event: https://connect.ftsius.com/webinar-modern-application-integrations-simplified

April 28-29, 2021

12th Mobile Money & Financial Inclusion Virtual Summit 2021

Join Steve Haley, Director of Economic Development, at the Magenta Global Mobile Money & Financial Inclusion Summit. Steve will be discussing the participation challenges for Real-Time Payments for all financial institutions – particularly the smaller ones – and recommendations.
Contact +65 6846 2366 or email jose@magenta-global.com.sg to secure your place at the Summit today!