PortX & Apache Camel

The PortX integration platform is your solution for B2B/EDI and payment management with Apache Camel (ESB).

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Supply chain

B2B & EDI on Camel logo

B2B & EDI on Camel

With Camel as your ESB of choice, B2B messaging protocols, like EDI, are simple enough that even non-developers can manage connections. You can now automate, track, and manage B2B Integrations with Apache ServiceMix.

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X12 Translator on Camel logo

X12 Translator on Camel

Streamline B2B messages with this user-friendly translator for the most pervasive EDI standard – X12. Included standard for PortX customers, the X12 Translator provides a highly performant and scalable solution capable of processing large quantities or sizes of EDI files in milliseconds.

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Payments and
banking integration

Payments on Camel logo

Payments on Camel

For financial institutions, Payment Manager quickly and easily connects core banking technologies to modern payment networks like Zelle. Integrate new services when they become available instead of waiting for your core vendor.

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Banking Core Integration logo

Banking Core Integration

PortX enables data integration between your core banking technology and your internal applications – on-premises and in the cloud. Through a self-service interface, even non-developers can configure connections.

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integration tools

Data mapping with DataSonnet on Camel logo

Data mapping with DataSonnet on Camel

Our open source data transformation solution integrates seamlessly with PortX, providing an end-to-end, open source, enterprise-grade ESB solution for Camel.

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JD Edwards on Camel logo

JD Edwards on Camel

Integrate your JD Edwards ERP to B2B/EDI trading partners, Salesforce.com, marketing and social applications, POS, warehouse automation, databases, HR, and Financial systems. Connect JDE with your Camel ESB and hundreds of existing APIs, SaaS, enterprise, and legacy systems.

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