December 3, 2019

Open Source Connection Manager Now Available

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We are pleased to announce that Connection Manager is now available for download from GitHub.

To date, ModusBox has implemented many instances of Mojaloop for Digital Financial Service Providers (DFSPs) and Hub Operators. As a result of our project experience and feedback from industry experts, we found there is a need to accelerate the establishment of secure connections between the Hubs and participating DFSPs. Manually whitelisting IP addresses and exchanging certificates is complex, time-consuming, and prone to manual errors. Often, separate environments being established during the process share similar information that can be easily confused and processed incorrectly.

With ModusBox’s Connection Manager, the process of establishing connections is simplified by eliminating this back-and-forth communication between connecting parties. By utilizing a simple UI, Connection Manager minimizes the complexity of the setup process involved, thereby reducing mistakes and creating operational efficiencies in the process.

Connection Manager allows you to:

  • Coordinate setup of secure endpoints
  • Easily exchange cryptographic keys for encryption and signing
  • Automate the creation, sharing, and signing of certificates
  • Standardize certificate creation and validation
  • Simplify signature management
  • Audit change activity

You can download the open-source version of Connection Manager on GitHub

For DFSPs and Hub Operators looking for expanded features and enterprise support licenses for Connection Manager or any of our other real-time payments solutions, please contact us.

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