July 3, 2019

ModusBox Announces Open Source Support and Facilitation for Mojaloop Participants

by Dr. Warren Carew in Mojaloop , Open Source 0 comments

Since the inception of the Mojaloop project, Modusbox has been an active partner. The Mojaloop switch was built to the Level One principles to support interoperability between financial institutions and accelerate Financial Inclusion.

ModusBox has been involved as technical mentor and partner in the development and implementation of one of the first implementations of the Mojaloop switch.  In this role, ModusBox has had the opportunity to understand in detail the practical difficulties of onboarding Digital Financial Service Providers (DFSPs).

The contributed Mojaloop SDK is the culmination of the team’s learning and experience from the Mojaloop OSS and commercial implementations of production-ready adaptors for DFSPs. 

The contribution is intended to accelerate the development of the Systems Integrator (SI) community that is able to support the onboarding of DFSPs and improving the viability of customers making use of the Mojaloop API. 

Functionality being delivered to the community at this point includes the four critical endpoints to support transactions, as well as the crucial integrity and security elements that support the implementation of the Inter-ledger Protocol (ILP), JSON Web Signature and mutual-TLS. These elements allow simpler connectivity and the creation of the necessary information to establish JWS non-refutability of the source and destination DFSPs or Hub related requests. 

This SDK is being used with Mowali to implement a simulator that will support the DFSPs development and testing of their implementation. We are also working with credit unions and mobile money organizations to exploit this SDK and accelerate their onboarding experience.

The code has been made available to the community on GitHub under the Apache 2.0 license. The same license the Mojaloop project is distributed under. This puts no demands on users and organizations using the codebase to open source any derived or distributed works. Docker hub hosts the containerized application to simplify the deployment of the SDK. 

To provide confidence and reliability to any organizations using the SDK, there will be an announcement of tiered Enterprise Support Contracts. Future enterprise-grade support is planned for infrastructure delivery and active management. If you would be interested in a support contract, contact us for information about our support tiers and pricing.

We look forward to community contribution to deliver enhancements and support the roadmap.

Please contact ModusBox Support if you have any questions on adopting the SDK.


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