Payment Transformation

Technology is Disrupting Financial Services

The sweeping impact of Fintech in the world of financial institutions has been profound. Payment processors, banks, and credit unions are looking to harness innovations like blockchain and mobile payments while navigating the new world of regulations that initiatives like PSD2 and same-day ACH. But the right solutions can open up the potential to profitably serve both new and existing markets while incorporating interoperability, collaboration, and inclusion.


Integration Architecture Consulting

Cause-Oriented Banking

Disconnected systems and silo’d organizational units shouldn’t prevent you from providing great customer experiences or hold you back from optimal profitability.

A well-designed integration strategy offers a solid foundation to connect disparate systems while preparing you to seamlessly handle future institutional needs.

Whether opening new doors to the previously unbanked, helping the underbanked achieve access to new services, or enhancing offerings for existing nonprofit banking organization and credit unions, ModusBox has the experience to guide cause-oriented banking implementations.

ModusBox Empowers Payment Transformation

Financial services organizations are an intricate collection of groups and functional areas, designed to provide the best services for customers. But that’s difficult to do when an organization’s systems and business units are silo’d. ModusBox’s Payment Transformation group has experience working with organizations across the financial services spectrum, including banks, credit unions, and payment processors. As partners on the Mojaloop project, ModusBox became deeply involved in cause-oriented banking, giving us the experience and expertise to help shape digital financial initiatives that change the lives of people around the world while opening new markets to traditional institutions, leveraging blockchain, APIs, mobile money platforms and more.

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