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Driving the next generation of low-cost digital payment services for banks, companies, governments, and people everywhere. Check out our work on

We Deliver Mojaloop

The world of financial services is changing, organizations are finding the cost and effort of providing new financial products is low enough for innovative ideas to be more important than big development capacity.

ModusBox Payment Solutions exists to inspire financial inclusion by helping organizations make the most of the Mojaloop platform.

What can we help you with?:

  • Payment hub deployment
  • Payment platform Architecture and Strategy
  • Mojaloop customization and deployment
  • ModusBox SDK for Mojaloop
  • Connecting financial providers
  • Driving Financial inclusion initiatives
  • Integration of software applications
  • Open banking

Empowering innovators to help people is our most important value, and at the heart of our mission is Mojaloop. This open-source platform enables everyone – from payment hub operators to financial service providers – to serve diverse customers across the globe. Our services support delivery of a complete solution across a diverse partner ecosystem.

At, you’ll find more information about the goals of the platform, its evolution from the Level One project, its features, and how to contribute.

ModusBox Payment Solutions

Our Payment Solutions team has a unique makeup. With deep roots in finserv, mobile money, and development and delivery of flexible micro-services, we partnered with other industry leaders in the creation of Mojaloop to support efforts to extend financial inclusion to the world’s poor.

ModusBox Payment Solutions provides an unrivaled ability to support companies and organizations who want to drive the next generation of financial products and services.

Mojaloop Consulting and Services Offered

Platform Implementation & Consulting

  • Expert services for platform implementation
  • Global consulting for FIs, government regulators, system integrators, and more
  • Guidance to leverage Mojaloop for credit unions and community banks
  • Expert advice for Fintechs
  • Expand services and client base while reducing costs

Mojaloop Managed Services

  • Production support contracts & specialized help
  • Proxy participation in the open source community
  • Early patch and fix access
  • Cloud hosted and managed service deployment options
  • Subscription only training and courses
  • Special terms on consulting and development services

Mojaloop Developer Support

  • Training and educational workshops
  • Local meetups for the developer community
  • Community support through

We would love to work with you