January 27, 2020

ModusBox at the Mojaloop Phase Four Community Meeting

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Dates: January 28 – 30, 2020

Once again, ModusBox is attending the Mojaloop Community Meeting. This time, the conference is taking place in Johannesburg, South Africa, from January 28 – 30, 2020. It’s an open event, where anyone—developers, implementers, digital financial services providers, and other financial services community members—can stop by and chat with us about Mojaloop integration and Phase Four of the open source project and program.

It’s an exciting time with lots of big developments, and we can’t wait to share them all with you.

Inside the Mojaloop Community Meeting

The Mojaloop open source community meeting is for everyone! If you’re in the financial services community, you belong. We’re a community of partners where everyone is on equal footing. We’re all focused on the same thing—real-time payments in developing countries—so if that’s your goal, we want you to attend and get involved.

The Community Meeting is designed for contributors, implementers, adopters, financial inclusion advocates, donors, and stakeholders. Over the three days, you’ll witness various new features and functionality for Mojaloop, updates, roadmaps, implementations, and demonstrations. You’ll be able to share your contributions and view the contributions of others.

For ModusBox, the community meeting is an opportunity to demonstrate our experience as a Mojaloop implementation partner. We’ll be there to assist developers and system integrators with their open source projects, helping them learn Mojaloop and reach success.

Make sure to visit the ModusBox team and learn more about our projects at the event.

Introducing Phase Four

Why is ModusBox thrilled to attend Mojaloop once again? It’s the launch of Phase Four!

This is the bridge phase, which we’ll continue to work on through the end of the year. During this time, the Mojaloop OSS Core Team and all partners are focused on supporting and contributing to two critical items: packaging and performance testing & improvements.

As a team member during Phase Four, you’re invited to any of the ModusBox open virtual labs. Designed for developers, DFSPs, and other interested parties, these labs will help you better learn and understand the Mojaloop platforms, learn the architecture, and test custom implementations. In this way, you can ensure the interoperability of your specific system.

Also, a part of our Phase Four launch, this conference is all about meeting our Level One aligned switch objectives:

  • Develop an Open-Loop System: accessible to all categories of financial service providers.
  • Power Real-time, Push-Only Payments: meaning it must not delay the clearance of funds or allow funds to be extracted from accounts without explicit consent.
  • Make Payments Irrevocable: with near real-time settlement (or at least same day). This reduces complexity in the system, which also reduces costs. High-frequency settlement reduces liquidity burdens on DFSPs, allowing smaller and larger DFSPs to better interact.
  • Follow a Participatory Governance Model: this is because our first ideas are often not our best, and a community approach to evolving the service ensures transparency and improvements that drive the whole ecosystem forward.

Other activities you can expect during the event, include:

  • API Specification Review
  • ATM Integration
  • Bank of Tanzania Instant Payments System (TIPS) Update
  • 3PPI Proposal
  • Mowali Update
  • Upgrade Policy and Support
  • OSS PDP Update
  • OneLoop
  • And more…

Check out the full Mojaloop Phase Four agenda here.

ModusBox Partner Program

The ModusBox partner program has taken off over the last few months. Designed for System Integrators (SIs), the program offers two tracks depending on what you need.

For local SIs, we offer opportunities to learn and gain experience on the Mojaloop platform. You can partner with us to leverage our virtual lab, which offers directed learning exposure to Mojaloop. We’ll also work with you on your local implementation of the platform and regular support.

For larger SIs, ModusBox is thrilled to be your experienced partner. We’ll work alongside you during your Mojaloop implementation, ensuring a successful engagement with software and services.

Our goal is to be a partner that cares

We Can’t Wait to See You!

And when you stop by and visit ModusBox at the Mojaloop Convening, make sure you take a chance to tell us what you’re working on, too! We’re excited to hear about your new ideas and plans and share in your development.

If you aren’t able to make it to the convening this time, take a look at our products and solutions and get in touch. The Mojaloop conference is truly about creating an inclusive community, and we feel that in a BIG way as we work with all of our partners and teams.

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