August 2, 2019

Learn by Doing: ModusBox Announces Mojaloop Virtual Lab

by Dawn Kuczwara in Announcements , Mojaloop , Payments 0 comments

It’s been exciting for us to see the multiple implementations of Mojaloop going in across the developing world, with the intent of offering low-cost mobile payments platforms to the world’s poorest. With our extensive knowledge and experience of the banking and payments space, it’s rewarding to witness the wheels of change in motion and being part of the community involved in that change.

One of the benefits that ModusBox enjoys as an early partner and leading Mojaloop integrator is getting to see the platform grow – and also identifying where it needs to continue to improve. These realizations have led to the creation of ModusBox’s SDK for Mojaloop and the ideation of the Connection Manager. Providing a wider range of tools to the community supporting the implementation of Mojaloop is one of our core values as an organization.

Now we’re pleased to announce our plans for the next step in providing help to the Mojaloop developer community, and to those that are looking to join the community – the ModusBox hosted Mojaloop Virtual Lab.

A Virtual Test Bed for the Mojaloop Platform

While it’s true that Mojaloop is open source and freely available, not everyone looking to learn, understand, and develop for the platform has access to the resources to set up an instance to test their code end to end and through various scenarios.

We understand the importance of getting to play with and see a working implementation of Mojaloop. As we’ve added new members to the team, working with real-life implementations of the platform has been invaluable for them in understanding the platform and how Mojaloop can continue to grow and answer the needs of payers, payees, and mobile money providers. 

Because of this – and because of our commitment to the Mojaloop community and the Level One philosophy – we’re creating a virtual lab that developers can use, free of charge, to better understand the platform and to watch their code work in a complete environment.

We’ll be announcing more details about the labs in the next few weeks, with even more information available at the next Convening in Abidjan in September. 

The lab is just one piece in a suite of tools and information that we’re working on and will be unveiling in the next few weeks and months, including training opportunities for the community. ModusBox’s Mojaloop Virtual Lab will be a pivotal piece in our education and training program, and only the first element to be released to the community.

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