Case Study: Reuse Architecture Enables Solarity Credit Union to Reduce Core Work Effort by up to 18 Months

Credit Unions and other community financial institutions must find new ways to compete with big banks. Their large, corporate peers are stealing customers by spending billions of dollars on new digital products and services.

For Solarity Credit Union, a new initiative to integrate Salesforce CRM with Mule ESB became the launchpad for how the organization would view architecture going forward. By creating reusable assets during this, and subsequent projects, Solarity is experiencing substantial returns from its original investment.

“What used to take Solarity 6 to 18 months can now be accomplished in a matter of days since direct development with the core is no longer needed,” says Jordan Lehrman, Vice President of IT for Solarity Credit Union. “With the right API architecture and implementation in place, Solarity is able to deliver innovative products and services with a team of just two full-time developers.”

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