November 22, 2017

Everyday Superheroes

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This week marks the beginning of the holiday season with Thanksgiving occurring this Thursday for those of us in the U.S. The next few weeks are a time traditionally filled with parties, family gatherings, gifts, and a reflection on all that has happened in the past year. It’s also a time when we recognize our good fortunes, and our thoughts turn to helping others.

We at ModusBox like to think of ourselves a little bit like superheroes, or at least awesome sidekicks to the real superheroes, our clients. However, outside of the work we do, our ModusBox family proves that they are worthy of the title everyday superhero. We are lucky to be surrounded by caring people who give both time and resources to their community all year long, and we’re proud of all of them.

As those of us here in the states get ready to sit with our families and give thanks for the good things in our lives, we would like to also recognize the good works of our global team.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Vaibhav Shinkar

Vaibhav makes monthly charitable donations to an organization local to him, Jalaram Seva Sansthan. This group helps provide food for the needy, assist with hospital expenses, and assists with funeral arrangements for the poor.

Andrew Lamb

Among the several organizations that he gives time to, Andrew volunteers every week for his local YoungLife group as the leader of a group of rambunctious 7th-grade boys.

Brad Allen and David Wexler

In both the recent past and in the not-too-distant future, Brad and David have co-hosted MobilePack events to help Feed My Starving Children, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing meals to starving children across the globe. Food is packaged by volunteers at events like the ones hosted by Brad and David and then distributed to schools, orphanages, feeding programs, and clinics. With the MobilePack events these two have hosted in the past they have generated over $100,000 for FMSC, and created over 500,000 meals with 2000 volunteers.

Alan Vezina

Alan is dedicated to Python as a programming language. Really dedicated. In fact, Alan donates his time to the Puget Sound Python User Group – or PuPPY. He’s also helping organize the upcoming PyCascades event in Vancouver, B.C. in January.

Chris Law

On the other side of the pond, Chris Law volunteers his time as a cat-herder coach for both girls and boys soccer. The Haddenham Rovers Colts Football Club is a rural club that works to give children from all backgrounds the opportunity to play football (or soccer for us Yanks). Kids involved in the program gain the benefits of being on a team and the exercise that playing football entails, helping them build the physical, technical, social, and psychological abilities associated with playing sports and being on a team.

Kent Brown

ModusBox’s own CTO, Kent Brown, isn’t just a technical genius, but a generous guy. Kent both volunteers and donates to HOPE Worldwide, an organization that strives to bring hope to and change the lives of the world’s poor, sick, and suffering. Recently, Kent participated in an event to pack up care packages, including socks, water, food, and toiletries, to provide something for people to give to the homeless in lieu of cash.

Jeff Plesko

As many already know, the hurricane season for North America was particularly brutal this year. That’s why Texas resident Jeff Plesko took some time away from the keyboard to volunteer to help in the recovery efforts following Hurricane Harvey.

Rajiv Mothilal

Rajiv focuses his monthly giving on animal welfare. With monthly donations to Phoenix Animal Care and Treatment, Rajiv helps to care for neglected, abused, and abandoned pets as well as provide low-cost spay and neutering service in the poverty-stricken area of Phoenix in South Africa.

Dawn Kuczwara

Dawn and her daughter recently began making quilts for the organization Quilts for Kids, a nonprofit that collects and donates quilts to children who suffer from abuse or life-threatening illness, and who also provided quilts to hurricane victims in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico.

Ian Whyte

Frankly, as generous as the other members of the ModusBox team are, Ian puts us all to shame. As Director of the Friends of Salmon Bay K-8, Ian supports the school’s community coordinator. For Vision Greenwood Park, Ian’s efforts as coordinator support the development and maintenance of a neighborhood park. Speaking of maintenance, Ian also volunteers to maintain trails for the Kongsberger Ski Club. And in the recent past, he was the coach of the Ballard Jaguars youth soccer team. All this, and the 2016 International Distance Skateboarding Association champion for his age group!

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