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July 28, 2015

Enabling Customer Success

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When we started ModusBox, we decided to rethink how IT is delivered and started asking ourselves some questions: How can we streamline and economize the bulky and expensive world of B2B enterprise software? How can we make life easier for organizations to trade and conduct business with one another? How can we better serve the customer?

Fundamentally, we wanted to bridge the gap between software and valuable solutions addressing real-world customer pain by building products and solutions and providing services on two pillars of success:

  1. Do the things that we do well. We focus on our strengths: B2B integration, automated trading partner transactions, and EDI. While we have knowledge and experience in a variety of disciplines, we focus on our core skills to build the best products, solutions, and tools available to produce big wins for our customers.
  1. Deliver what we promise. We strive for excellence, professionalism, and efficiency in everything we do. That drive is reflected in the quality products and solutions we offer. We strive to exceed customer expectations.

Philosophy isn’t everything though. There are three core mechanisms that guide how we operate:

    1. Hiring High Caliber Talent
      We work hard to get the best people on our team. When onboarding a new team member, we take the same care we would with our clients: planning carefully, defining key success criteria, and moving efficiently. Each prospect goes through an intense vetting process with our CTO and CEO to ensure technical excellence and a fit with our culture. B2B integration and EDI is challenging work and the work at ModusBox is no exception. But we strive to find people that love what they do, where they work, and who they work with. It’s because of this process that we’re able to attract some of the best B2B integration experts in the world. By listening to our customers, these experts in turn develop effective products and deliver great service. That makes our customers happy. 
    1. Effectively Equipping Our Team
      In addition to hiring the best-of-the-best, each team member goes through our accelerated training program in agile process management, which we consider crucial for delivering quality work every time, on time.
    1. Engaging with Customers
      We engage customers as a part of a real-time product feedback mechanism to ensure we always meet or exceed expectations. We are Agile in such a way that customer feedback is integral to our methodology. Does this approach match with your company’s goals for integration or are you looking for a new exciting career challenge? Connect with us.

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