Welcome to ModusBox.
April 14, 2015
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Welcome to ModusBox.

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Let us be the first to welcome you.

We’re excited to show you what we can do. We are a team of highly skilled architects, developers and thought leaders. Our experience spans many integration technologies and our client list includes some of the top companies in the world. PortX, our first product, is due out shortly, and we are excited to disrupt B2B space. But enough marketing, let us tell you how we work.

Agile – We are agile. We take this approach to how we build software, how we work with our clients and how we run our business. We believe that trying something new and iterating quickly are the keys to our success to-date. By failing fast we have the chance to be ahead of the curve. We hope to evangelize this philosophy to our customers to make their businesses better. This also means we operate transparently. We invite our customers to engineering standups so we can address issues quickly and collaboratively. Agility allows us to maximize the value of virtual work. We use a variety of tools for collaboration and constantly look for new ways to communicate faster. Today, we have development shops on four continents and continually expanding.

Ownership – We know productivity comes from ownership and at Modus this can take many forms. We make this real by giving our employees equity and rewarding performance based on profit. By instilling ownership in our people, we see amazing results.

Enthusiasm – When we look to hire people we expect high quality resumes, big accomplishments and track records of success. Even more importantly, we look for people that are excited about technology and enthusiastic about how to improve the IT experience. We pride ourselves on bringing a fresh perspective to old problems (like B2B/EDI). At ModusBox, we’re giving enterprise the modern facelift it desperately needs.

Coffee – Last and certainly not least, our roots are in Seattle, San Francisco and Buenos Aires—all major coffee cities. Coffee is a bit of a religion at ModusBox. No, seriously, it is. If you work in the office, you will have unlimited access to local, freshly roasted coffee and an espresso machine. Who doesn’t want a morning cappuccino to get the day started?

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, join us in geeking out here on the ModusBox blog.

Stay caffeinated,

David WexlerDavid Wexler, CEO




Kent BrownKent Brown, CTO

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