April 5, 2019

Stockman Bank Chooses ModusBox and NCR for Digital Banking Solution

by Dawn Kuczwara in Announcements 0 comments

Community banks are an important piece of the financial landscape for many. As the largest privately-owned community bank in Montana, Stockman understands its role in the lives of its customers and the businesses it serves.

Stockman wanted to choose the right partners for their transformation, ones that would help them create world-class digital experiences while also helping the bank lower costs. We’re pleased that Stockman chose ModusBox, along with NCR, as partners on their journey.

Stockman’s goal is to digitize all of its offerings, from checking and savings to insurance and credit. To do that effectively, Stockman needed partners that understand not just the needs of financial institutions, but ones that are knowledgeable on the challenges of community banks. “ModusBox and NCR understand the community financial institution market better than anyone else,” said David Wexler, CEO, ModusBox.

The deal has also given NCR and ModusBox the opportunity to expand its relationship. Partnering with NCR will allow the two to help more banks and credit unions modernize their offerings, drive down costs, and create exceptional digital experiences for customers.

Interested in learning more about how ModusBox can help you leverage digital solutions and offer better customer experiences? Drop us a line, we’d love to chat.

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