June 3, 2020

No Data Format Plugin? No MIME Type? No Problem! – Part 1

by Brad Allen in Announcements , DataSonnet , Open Source , Tips and Tricks 0 comments

In April, we announced the General Availability release of DataSonnet, our open source data mapping tool. We’re excited to continue to add new functionality to the code and contribute tips and tricks to the DataSonnet blog. In our latest post, Eugene Berman gives a great tutorial on generating a custom CSV-like payload using standard DataSonnet features to create custom outputs. 

DataSonnet is a data translating tool that can handle complex hierarchical message formats while supporting visual mapping experiences that are simple enough for non-developers. If you would like to learn more, visit DataSonnet.com. There, you can easily find links to documentation for DataSonnet formats and Standard Library functions. And, you can always find the complete code on GitHub.

Check out Eugene’s tutorial today on the Datasonnet blog.

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