October 4, 2019

NCR Thrive Conference Wrap-Up

by Jay Vandegriff in Banking , Events 0 comments

ModusBox is proud to have participated as an integration partner at the NCR Thrive Conference in Atlanta Georgia, Sept. 10-12!   The conference was successful at getting the message to over 500 participants from Community Financial Institutions across the USA. NCR Digital Banking is not only relevant but continues to lead the way toward open banking. Connected software solutions result in client’s customers and members having access to truly 5-star online and mobile banking experiences. 

Kevin Guenthner’s speech at the conference was a must-watch event!  He shared his strategy for interoperability within their banking ecosystem through an ESB. It was the fresh breath of change that the industry is starting to support, and was similar to the talk he’d given previously at the Cook Security Conference in May.  I think it’s the beginning of an open technology tsunami led by new leadership at NCR and people like Kevin. He represents the new, fresh trends in digital transformation for the Community Financial Institution sector. Thinking futuristically is what he is all about. 

We have seen a change in leadership at NCR and thus a company that is driving to modernize by utilizing an integration middleware platform that ModusBox delivers from the top-down. They understand the need for financial institutions to quickly integrate software solutions and develop an agile process that replaces the current legacy “point-to-point” systems at most institutions. Having been an integral part of NCR’s team in the past, I am proud of the progress they are making to maintain their best of breed status and responding to their customer’s needs by offering a more open environment.

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