September Mojaloop Convening
September 4, 2019

ModusBox Returns to Mojaloop Convening September 10 – 12, 2019

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We’ll again be in attendance at the Convening coming up this September 10-12, 2019 in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. For those in attendance at this open Mojaloop Community event, stop by and chat with us and learn more about our Mojaloop related open source projects and programs.

ModusBox Releases to Simplify Mojaloop Implementation

As an experienced Mojaloop implementation partner, we’ve gained a lot of experience on the platform and returned those learnings into open source projects to assist other developers and systems integrations in standing up and learning the platform.

The Mojaloop SDK reduces complexity in non-repudiation and integrity of the platform and clarifies API specifications, avoiding DFSP incompatibilities. It includes specification compliant security, HTTP headers, and header processing. 

Connection Manager adds clarity and speeds the configuration process for DFSPs and Hub Operators. It offers coordination for setup of secure endpoints, simplifies exchange of cryptographic keys, and automates the creation, sharing, and signing of certificates.

You can find out more about these projects from the ModusBox team at this Mojaloop Community event.

Mojaloop Open and Enterprise Labs

ModusBox is now offering open virtual labs for developers, DFSPs, and other interested parties to better understand and learn the Mojaloop platforms. Chat with a ModusBox team member at the Convening for more information about these labs.

Mojaloop is a reference architecture, so each implementation is custom. For enterprises that need a lab that is customized specifically for their Mojaloop implementation, ModusBox also offers proprietary lab setups. These labs will allow partners to test their configurations to ensure interoperability with your specific system.

Partner Program

We’ll also be talking to Convening members about our partner program for System Integrators (SIs). The program offers two tracks, depending on partner need.

For local SIs looking for opportunities to learn and gain experience with the Mojaloop platform, ModusBox is developing a program that leverages our virtual lab along with directed learning for exposure to Mojaloop. We’ll be working with SIs successful in the program to work with us on local implementations of the platform and support.

For larger SIs interested in helping clients with a Mojaloop implementation, ModusBox is available to partner as an experienced partner to ensure a successful engagement with software and services.

For more information on the partner program, talk to us at the event or let us know how we can help.

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