ModusBox Joins Open Invention Network
November 28, 2018

ModusBox Joins the Open Invention Network

by Dawn Kuczwara in Announcements 0 comments

ModusBox today announced that it has signed on to the Open Invention Network (OIN). Why? We believe in what the OIN is doing, and we wanted to continue to show our commitment to open source and open standards.

As a member of the OIN, ModusBox joins major organizations like Microsoft, IBM, and Google as well as smaller organizations to share patents and commit to competitive non-aggression with other OIN members. The OIN community is meant to mirror the principles that the open source community was founded on – that of mutual engagement and sharing.

Being part of the OIN community gives ModusBox access to their extensive portfolio of intellectual property and offers up functionality that we’ve created for others to use. Along with the rest of the OIN community, ModusBox will have access to an enormous set of resources that will help us innovate faster while maintaining an environment of collaboration with like-minded organizations and individuals.

ModusBox continues to develop projects based on open standards, a trend that began with our work on the Mojaloop project and continues today. We’ve extended the adoption and use of open source to our PortX brand, which makes extensive use of cutting-edge Linux features and technologies such as CoreOS Container Linux and Kubernetes.

You can read our full press release here. If you’d like to learn more about ModusBox and how we partner with our clients on digital and payments transformation, contact us. And if you’d like to know more about the PortX platform and how its tools are helping companies accelerate integrations, internally and with their partners, visit us at