April 16, 2019

ModusBox at the Mojaloop PI-6 Convening for April 16-19

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What is a Mojaloop Convening?

The initial stages of the Level One Project, what would later come to be known as Mojaloop, required coordinated efforts from multiple teams. These development teams would gather to review the work done to that point, demonstrate new features, and set a theme and goal for the next development cycle.

As the project continues to evolve, the Convenings remain important. They serve as a means of staying connected to additions and advancements for key stakeholders, development teams, and those with an interest in what the financial inclusion platform offers.

The week of April 15th will see another Mojaloop Convening, this time in Johannesburg. Following on the heels of the DFS Labs Hackathon in Dar es Salam, ModusBox is looking forward to attending the PI6 convening and unveiling our newest contribution to the community.

A Peek Inside the Convening

The April 2019 Convening will be a three day event. At it,  contributors and interested organizations will get insights into the newest features and updates, attend breakout sessions for deep dives into Mojaloop’s inner workings, and have opportunities to build a community as we create a more financially inclusive world.

The April Convening – named the Mojaloop PI6 event – gives various teams working on Mojaloop a chance to showcase their accomplishments while getting feedback regarding design thinking on key aspects. Charting a roadmap will also be an integral part of the event.

Several important elements for the platform, such as Documentation for the platform and Account Lookup features, will be demonstrated. Topics such as Bulk Payments, Settlements, and Fraud – areas of interest to a majority of stakeholders – will be discussed.

Opening Up to System Integrators, Supporting Fintechs

Interest in Mojaloop from Systems Integrators (SIs) is increasing, and a number of them will be on hand at the Convening in April to see how they can assist in adding more Digital Financial Service Providers (DFSPs) to the growing number of Implementations. And of course, as always, innovators in the payments space will be joining as well.

We’re looking forward to meeting both groups, to share ideas and lend our extensive knowledge and experience with the platform. Our experience working on Mojaloop, and the projects we’ve been involved with since, have combined to transform ModusBox over the last few years. Partnering with SIs and payments innovators gives us the opportunity to further support the great ideas that the platform has inspired. Being closely involved on both sides of Mojaloop – the specification and the open source implementation –  places ModusBox in a singular position to be able to help and partner with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, SIs, implementers, fintech innovators, and other contributors.

As more organizations and contributors join the community, we’ll continue to help answer questions, offer support, and partner with those looking to make a difference and accelerate the world of financial inclusion.

Expanding Support Grounded in Experience

We’ve been hard at work on a number of platform implementations around the world. At the same time, we continue to commit resources to extending Mojaloop’s offerings and giving back to the OSS community.

To that end, ModusBox will take part of our time at the Convening to announce some exciting additions to the Mojaloop platform. These additions address some of the time-consuming pain points that our customers have experienced, simplifying and accelerating the platform’s time-to-market considerably. These announcements are only the beginning – as we continue to assist our partners in new implementations of the platform and expand existing ones, ModusBox is committed to channeling those learnings back into tools and information for the Mojaloop OSS community.

Mojaloop has helped to evolve ModusBox from an integrations implementation consultancy to a purpose-driven organization committed to improving the payments and finance landscape to better the lives of our customers and people around the world. Our website reflects this new focus and experience, with more updates available in the next few days.

Interested in learning more about how we can help you with Mojaloop? We’d love to talk with you.

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