August 30, 2019

Major Evolution in No-Code Application Integration & EDI Tool Released

by Dawn Kuczwara in Enterprise Integration , IT Management 0 comments

We told you a few months ago about our beta release of the Integration Hub for the PortX platform. We’re now pleased to announce that our full production version of Integration Hub is now available.

One Tool for Partner B2B and Enterprise Application Integrations

PortX originated as a tool to help organizations with B2B partner management and onboarding. Integration Hub takes the platform to the next level, adding application integration configuration and monitoring. With Integration Hub’s no-code toolset, companies can expand the number of resources that can configure integrations and EDI messages and onboarding, reducing IT bottlenecks and empowering analysts and business teams.

Integration Hub Released

The new Integration Hub includes both new features and improvements to existing ones:

  • Batching and Debatching
  • Multi-routing
  • Improved Monitoring
  • Improved user experience features
    • Smoother navigation
    • Enhancements to the Transaction Designer
    • Improved form validation

To read more about these features and updates, see </portx-integration-hub-beta-released/”>our previous post on the beta release.Integration Hub makes it easier to manage and maintain a wealth of internal and external integrations and messages. Interested in learning more? Contact us for more information.